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NIBIB Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings

NIBIB provides support for investigator-initiated conference and scientific meetings that fall within its research focus in Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. A scientific meeting is defined as a gathering, symposium, seminar, conference, workshop, or any other organized, formal meeting to coordinate, exchange, and disseminate information or to explore or clarify a defined subject, problem, or area of knowledge. Follow the link below to see the complete Program Announcement.

PA-13-347 (
Released: September 11, 2013
Receipt Dates: April 12, August 12, and December 12
R13/U13 Advanced Permission: Acceptance Request Form (DOCX - 25.6KB)

Submission Guidelines

The NIBIB is interested in supporting conferences and scientific meetings relevant to our research program areas . However, investigators must receive advance permission from the NIBIB in order to submit an R13/U13 application, as the NIH requires a letter of acceptance from NIH staff. Thus, investigators should submit the R13/U13 Acceptance Request Form to the NIBIB well in advance of the application receipt date. Please refer to the table below for deadlines for requesting pre-approval from NIBIB for each grant cycle. The selected dates ensure an appropriate amount of time to evaluate the “R13/U13 Acceptance Request Forms” submitted by investigators and to ensure all approved awards are made before the conference start date. Please note these are hard deadlines .

Prospective applicants should submit the R13/U13 Acceptance Request Form to Dr. Zeynep Erim for advance permission to submit a R13/U13 application. When filling out the form, please be as detailed as possible so that the NIBIB Program staff may better assess the relevance of the conference to the scientific mission of the NIBIB.

Please note that agreement to accept an application does not guarantee funding.

R13/U13 Applications

Cycle I

Cycle II

Cycle III

Acceptance Request Date March 22 July 22 November 22
Acceptance Provided Within 3 weeks of request Within 3 weeks of request Within 3 weeks of request
Application Due Date April 12 August 12 December 12
Scientific Merit Review June - July October - November February - March
Advisory Council Review September January May
Earliest Conference Start Date December 1 April 1 July 1


Funding Policy

Domestic organizations eligible to receive NIH grants, including scientific or professional societies, are eligible to apply for conference grants. Both domestic and international meetings may be supported; however, an international meeting can be supported only through the U.S. representative organization of an established international scientific or professional society.

In general, national meetings that significantly impact the state of a field are preferred over regional ones. In addition, priority will be given to applications that emphasize and encourage the attendance and participation of students, trainees, and members of underrepresented groups. Applicants are discouraged from using NIBIB funds for honorariums or travel/registration support for plenary speakers or established investigators. In addition, NIBIB funds may not be used for any form of “entertainment” (i.e. coffee breaks, meals, etc.).

The NIBIB will consider funding up to $10,000 in direct costs on applications with primary assignment to the NIBIB. For applications with a secondary (or dual) assignment to the NIIBIB, we will consider funding up to $3,000 in direct costs. The NIBIB does NOT accept multi-year applications.

The R13 Conference Grant mechanism is suitable for meetings where the organizers have clear goals and direction. In cases where direct oversight by the NIBIB Program Staff is needed in organizing the meeting, the U13 Conference Cooperative Agreement mechanism is employed. The support level for both mechanisms is the same.

Acknowledgement/Disclaimer of NIH support

For all R13, U13, and other NIBIB awards that support scientific meetings, conferences, and workshops, the grantee must acknowledge NIBIB grant support and provide a disclaimer that NIBIB does not endorse the scientific opinions expressed or statements made on any conference materials related to the project.


Zeynep Erim, Ph.D.
Program Director
Division Of Inter-Disciplinary Training
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
6707 Democracy Boulevard
Democracy II, Suite 200
Bethesda, MD 20892-5477
Phone: (301) 451-4797