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Mark Ahlman, M.D.

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Clinical Fellow

BG 10 RM B1A264
10 Center Dr
Bethesda MD 20814



After graduating from nuclear medicine residency at the Medical University of South Carolina in 2012, Dr. Ahlman joined the ISTP under the supervision of David A. Bluemke. He is board certified in nuclear medicine by the American Board of Nuclear Medicine. As a resident, he received the honor of functioning as chief resident, as well as for lecture and training to radiology residents and cardiology fellows in nuclear medicine. Prior to residency, he received his medical degree at the Georgia Health Sciences University in 2008 following a bachelor's degree in biology from Columbus State University in 2004.

Dr Ahlman is coordinating the development of MR-PET techniques to allow for simultaneous acquisition of the NIH’s new MR-PET scanner, as it is applied to preclinical diagnosis of atherosclerosis and heart failure. This endeavor brings together multiple disciplines from across the globe, including researchers at Cedars-Sinai and John’s Hopkins University. In addition to his practice at the NIH as a board certified nuclear medicine physician and a reader in cardiovascular computed tomography, his research is heavily involved in nuclear, CT, and MR applications of 4D data acquisition and processing, which applies IV contrast dynamics, and PET and MR physics. Specifically, he works with injection techniques for optimization of gadolinium-based contrast agents such as Gadofosveset for coronary MRA-PET, as well as MR-guided motion correction of coronary PET data. He plans on continuing his career in research, geared towards the development of multi-modality strategies that improve patient’s lives.

Selected Publications