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Biological Molecular Imaging Section

This is an immunlfluorescence image of a tumor.  There are many blue spots which are DAPI stains of cell nuclei. The tumor vasculature is stained red using an antibody against CD31 and a FITC conjugated antibody was used to stain epidermal growth factor recpetor green.
Ex vivo Immunofluorescence Image. The tumor vasculature was stained with anti-CD31 antibody (red color). The green color is from FITC conjugated antibody against EGFR. The blue color is from DAPI for nuclei visualization.

The Biological Molecular Imaging Section focuses on identification of disease-specific biomarkers; development of new molecular imaging probes with cellular and molecular biology oriented techniques and methods; application of the developed probes into multimodality imaging; and collaborates with the other two LOMIN sections to characterize novel imaging or therapeutic agents, both in vitro and in vivo.