2015 Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K) Annual Meeting


FedEx Institute of Technology on the University of Memphis campus

Event website: https://md2k.org/meetings/md2k2015/ 

MD2K is one of 11 national Big Data Centers of Excellence awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as part of its Big Data-to-Knowledge initiative. The MD2K Center brings together the top brains in computer science, engineering, medicine, behavioral science, and statistics, drawn from 12 universities (Cornell Tech, Georgia Tech, Northwestern, Ohio State, Rice, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC San Francisco, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, the University of Memphis, the University of Michigan and West Virginia University), and Open mHealth (a non-profit organization).

The MD2K Team is developing innovative tools to make it easier to gather, analyze and interpret health data generated by mobile and wearable sensors. The goal of the big data solutions being developed by MD2K is to reliably quantify physical, biological, behavioral, social, and environmental factors that contribute to health and disease risk.

The MD2K All Hands Meeting is the only annual event where all MD2K team members are required to attend in person. Attendees will include MD2K team members, Center staff, NIH/NSF officials, other BD2K team members, and University of Memphis officials. The goals of the annual meeting are to interact face-to-face with other team members, share and learn the progress made so far, review/revise the policies and procedures of the Center, and chart the direction for the future of MD2K.  

This year’s annual meeting will feature a public portion on the agenda.  The Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-To-Knowledge (MD2K), in conjunction with the FedEx Institute of Technology and the University of Memphis, will host a speaking session on September 15, 2015 featuring the National Institutes of Health (NIH)’s Dr. Phil Bourne, the Associate Director for Data Science (ADDS), and Dr. William Riley, Director of the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR). Dr. Bourne and Dr. Riley will address an audience of Mid-South area biomedical researchers and thought leaders on the Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) and Precision Medicine initiatives. MD2K will also have a public poster exhibition to showcase the research completed so far in the Center’s existence.

*This event will be videocasted. Click here to learn how you can connect.