2016 Mobile Health (mHealth) Training Institute


University of California, Los Angeles

For information on how to apply visit: https://mhealth.md2k.org/mhealth-training-institute 

Applications due February 27, 2016.

Notifications made by April 15, 2016

Using mobile technologies to more rapidly and accurately assess and modify behavior, biological states and contextual variables has great potential to transform medical research. Recent advances in mobile technologies and the ubiquitous nature of these technologies in daily life (e.g., smart phones, sensors) have created opportunities for research applications that were not previously possible (e.g., simultaneously assessing behavioral, physiological, and psychological states in the real world and intervening in real-time). Importantly, much of the work being done in mHealth arises from siloed fields with little reference to previous research in health or behavior or with any potential application in biomedical settings. Further, mHealth tools created in health settings often lacks input from cutting edge science in computing and engineering. This gap between technology development and health research can be reduced by conducting cross-training between investigators in these fields. Bringing these groups together will allow for collaboration and cross-fertilization that is unlikely in other discipline or trade-specific venues.

To address these issues, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) will conduct a five-day training Institute. The Institute will bring together leaders in mobile technology and health sciences to lead a cross-training event for investigators with interest in mHealth. The training curriculum will cover the current state of the science in mobile technology computing and engineering, behavior change and clinical applications, and highlight the intersection among these areas for research related to health. Daily didactic sessions will target the major cross-cutting research issues. Afternoons will be devoted to small, interdisciplinary teams developing potential mHealth research projects, guided by multidisciplinary mentorship teams.