IEEE Healthcare Innovation and Point-of-Care Technologies Conference


Seattle, Washington

IDEO Design Innovation Workshop HIC-POCT Conference 2014

IDEO’s team will facilitate a workshop for selected participants who either have healthcare or medical technology innovation ideas that they’d like to further develop, or would like to learn about the process of innovation., design and product development. Participants will work in teams through a structured design process to develop innovative ideas into potential products for healthcare applications.

During the workshop, up to 8 project teams of professionals will brainstorm their ideas the day before the conference and then follow through during the workshop at to working the HIC-POCT conference to advance their innovation towards meeting a medical/clinical unmet need/challenge under the mentoring of experienced professionals and entrepreneurs from IDEO, a renown design and innovation consulting company. You may apply for the workshop either as an Idea Generator or an Idea Developer.

Idea Generator: Submit your innovative idea that you are currently incubating or bring a challenge that you would like to solve to the workshop through an “Idea Generator” proposal. If selected your idea/challenge will become a collaborative project in the workshop for further development and design. Please use

Idea Developer: Apply to be an “Idea Developer” and work on a collaborative team on selected “Idea Generator” projects. Though the intellectual property would remain with the Idea Generators, you would be able to learn the design, innovation and product development process. Please use

The final teams will be drawn from all those who apply to the IDEO workshop as Idea Generators or Idea Developers, with the objective of having diverse range of expertise on each team. Students are highly encouraged to participate in the workshop as Idea Generators or Idea Developers.

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