NCI-NIBIB Point of Care Technologies for Cancer Conference


Bethesda, Maryland

NCI-NIBIB Point of Care Technologies for Cancer Conference

January 8-10, 2014
Natcher Center
, NIH campus- Building 45
Bethesda, Maryland


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Cancer is a leading cause of death and disability, especially in low resource settings. An emerging answer to improve medical care delivery is point of care technologies that enable convenient and immediate healthcare at or near the patient's bedside. These point of care devices are based on enabling tools such as lab-on-a-chip (LOC), biosensors, portable ultrasound imaging, hand held scanners and communication devices. Most are portable and useful outside hospital settings. Such technologies can be adapted to bring cancer detection, diagnostics, monitoring and treatment to the patient, rather than the other way around, and are especially useful in global health settings.

However, health care providers, cancer researchers, and bioengineers could benefit from increased interactions to overcome limits to development of new technological solutions. To address this challenge, the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) have co-sponsored this conference. The conference goal is to promote and facilitate new scientific collaborations, interactions, and sharing of knowledge among cancer health care providers, researchers and bioengineers, and to encourage new research programs that increase collaborations among them. Bioengineers would have an opportunity to learn about important topics in cancer research, identify where technologies are needed and gain insights on which technologies may apply. Cancer care givers and scientists may learn about emerging technologies that could be adapted to faster, lower cost, more effective cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment. Closer interactions between these groups may advance science by developing information, resources and opportunities of mutual interest, promote cross-pollinations, and expand interests and action into new areas that will enhance translation of new technologies into useful clinical applications.

A post-conference symposium on Cancer Detection, Diagnostics and Treatment Technologies for Global Health is being sponsored by the NCI Center for Global Health on January 10. The symposium is aimed at promoting the development of low-cost, portable cancer technologies suitable for limited resource environments. NCI is also targeting this topic area with a new global health funding initiative (

There will be "Show-and-Tell" technology demonstration sessions as well as poster sessions on Wednesday, January 8 and Thursday, January 9. The technology demonstrations can include an actual showcase of your device, a movie showing the fabrication or operation of the device, or any other interactive demonstration of your technology. The poster session will consist of standard poster presentations. If interested, please be sure to indicate on your registration if you plan to present a poster or demonstrate a technology.

We hope that you will be able to attend and present a poster or showcase your point of care technology at this meeting. Abstracts should be submitted through the meeting registration site and are due by Wednesday, December 18. Space is limited and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, please reserve your spot early. 

This conference will offer a venue to discuss public health needs, and to describe current research and development efforts in the area of cancer technologies. There will be opportunities to examine the state of the science in cancer diagnostics, learn about commercialization approaches, promising scientific and technological developments, and funding opportunities.

For conference related questions, please contact Amanda Fleming, 301-228-4491

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