Ninth Annual Carolina Workshop on Biosensors and Force Measurements in Living Cells


Chapel Hill, NC

Cells respond to external biochemical and mechanical cues to generate myriad responses including force generation, motility, gene expression and differentiation. The connection between external cue and internal response are the biochemical pathways that control the cell. Understanding these responses is critical to gaining insight into diverse biomedical phenomena such as cancer, immunity and tissue differentiation and morphogenesis. This workshop will offer, through morning lectures and afternoon laboratory sessions, ways to assess the biochemistry and mechanobiology of cells, and the theoretical basis for interpreting physical properties and force sensing and generation.  

Audience: This workshop is for students, post docs, faculty or industry personnel with some experience with biology and microscopy. No force measurement experience is required.

To Register and for more information, see the workhop website.

Application Deadline is May 8, 2017.