The Private Lives of Cells: Imaging Organelle Structure and Dynamics


The John Edward Porter Neuroscience Research Center, Building 35, Rooms 620/630/640, National Institutes of Health

A symposium celebrating the scientific achievements of Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz.

*Registration is not required

9:00   Michael M. Gottesman (Deputy Director for Intramural Research, NIH)

Welcome and Introduction

Session 1. Chair: George Patterson (NIBIB) 


9:15   Harald Hess (HHMI-Janelia Research Campus)

The vision and path back to microscopy


9:55   Clare Waterman (NHLBI, NIH)

Integrins are oriented and aligned by actin dynamics within focal adhesion


10:20 Break (Refreshments sponsored by FAES)

Session 2. Chair: Gigi Storz (NICHD)           


10:40  Nihal Altan-Bonnet (NHLBI, NIH)

Infection by population: a new mode of viral transmission


11:05 Julie Donaldson (NHLBI, NIH)

Endosomal membrane traffic and cell surface homeostasis


11:30 Richard Youle (NINDS, NIH)

Cell biology insights from mitochondria to neurodegeneration


11:55  Lunch (75 min)


Session 3. Chair: Nihal Altan-Bonnet (NHLBI)


1:10   Jodi Nunnari (University of California Davis)

Mitochondrial behavior


1:50   John Hammer (NHLBI, NIH)

Revealing the secrets of T cell immunological synapse formation and function using super-resolution imaging


2:15   Craig Blackstone (NINDS, NIH)

Endoplasmic reticulum morphology alterations in hereditary spastic paraplegias


2:40   Break  (Refreshments sponsored by FAES)


Session 4. Chair: Julie Donaldson (NHLBI)  


3:00   Jan Ellenberg (European Molecular Biology Laboratory)

Imaging across scales using electron and light microscopy: from protein complexes to model organisms


3:40   Ben Nichols (MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)

Assembly and cellular functions of caveolae


4:05   George Patterson (NIBIB, NIH)

​​​Photoswitching FRET – a new approach to measuring energy transfer


4:30   Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (NICHD, NIH and HHMI)

Closing remarks.


Individuals with disabilities who need sign language interpreters and/or reasonable accommodation to participate in this symposium should contact George H. Patterson (301-443-0241, Please make requests by 5:00 PM November 25, 2016.