Summit on Management of Radiation Dose in Computerized Tomography: Toward the Sub-mSv Exam


Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, Bethesda, Maryland

Meeting summaries and reports

This is an NIH, CIBR sponsored and FDA, ACR, and ACC supported conference focused on transforming CT technology and its use to achieve minimal public health risks from radiation exposure. A specific goal is to identify the technological steps and associated research required to reduce the routine CT exam dose to less than one mSv. Additional goals in the near term are improving our understanding and management of radiation exposure, and defining steps to achieve best practices.


Event Presentations:

Day 1


Day 2

  • Session III. Steps Needed to Achieve the Sub-mSv Exam
  • Moderator: Kyle Myers
    • Charge to Participants
      • Roderic Pettigrew
    • PDF iconSuccess Story and Lessons Learned: The Order of Magnitude Reduction in Cardiac CT
      • Dose Frank J. Rybicki
    • Innovations Required in Data Acquisition
      • Willi Kalender
    • Innovations Required in Data Reconstruction
      • Jeffrey Fessler
    • Panel Discussion:The Emerging Promise of the Routine Sub-mSv Exam:Just How Close Are We?; Moderator: William Heetderks; Panelists: Jiang Hsieh, Efrat Shefer, and Thomas Flohr
    • Panel Discussion: Putting It All Together: What is Required for Success; Moderator: Richard Ehman; Panelists: Willi Kalender, Frank Rybicki, and Jeffrey Fessler