Adaptive Biomaterial Systems

This program supports the design, development, and demonstration of adaptive biomaterial systems technologies for biomedical intervention.


This program focuses on engineering adaptive biomaterial systems to sense and actuate in response to human biology for biomedical intervention. Projects should be directed towards overcoming a technological challenge that limits biomedical adoption. This program encourages projects that use a design-build-test approach.

Examples of adaptive biomaterial systems include but are not limited to:

  • artificial cells to deliver therapeutic agents
  • microphysiological niches to control tissue behavior

Additional Emphasis

Furthermore, this program focuses on the development of mathematical and computational methods, the development of screening and processing tools, and the discovery of design principles as key components in the design, build, and test methodology to engineer relevant adaptive biomaterial systems.

Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
1-K99-EB028840-01A1 Immulogical Niches and Non-invasive Biosensors for Autoimmune Monitoring Aaron Morris University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
1-DP2-EB030992-01 E-Organoids: Functional Brain Organoids Co-grafted with Transparent Microthreads Duygu Kuzum University of California, San Diego