Creating Biomedical Technologies to Improve Health



This program supports the development and/or application of engineering principles, tools, methods, and technologies to manipulate and control the immune system to prevent, diagnose, and/or treat diseases to improve human health.  Approaches for modulation of the immune system may include adaptation of biomaterials, engineered tissues, synthetic biology, therapeutic delivery systems, probes and development of devices for monitoring immune cell trafficking, mathematical models, and other methods.  The program strongly emphasizes the application of engineering design-based methodology to develop technologies including, but not limited to:

  • Novel vaccines
  • Immunoengineered therapies of disease model systems, such as cancer, inflammation, obesity, allergies, auto-immune diseases, neuro-immune disorders
  • Control of the immunological environment for regenerative medicine and drug delivery applications
  • Control of the inflammatory response
  • Methods to ameliorate autoimmune disorders

Development of new synthetic biological techniques are supported by the NIBIB Synthetic Biology for Technology Development program.  Development and maturation of biomaterials is supported by the NIBIB Biomaterials program.