NIBIB Policy for Bridge Funding for New Investigators at Their First Renewal Cycle


The first renewal of a new investigator's first R01 grant is a critical event for individuals establishing research careers with funding from the NIH. Interruption of funding as a result of failure of the initial competing continuation application can have a significant negative impact on the research. To address this potential interruption in funding, the NIBIB has established a bridge funding policy for applications that are close to the funding payline.


Bridge funding is available to applicants who meet all of the following conditions:

  • Application is for the first competing continuation of the investigator's first R01 award.
  • Application is within 3 percentile points of the normal NIBIB R01 payline.
  • Application has at least one more opportunity for revision (cannot be A2).

Bridge Funding

  • Funding will be provided for one additional year.
  • Funding level for the bridge year will be at the level of funding for the last year of the current grant.
  • If the applicant receives funding of the competing continuation through the select pay mechanism or as a result of movement of the payline, the bridge funding will be integrated as part of the budget for the competing continuation award.
  • Bridge funding is a one-time only occurrence for that grant.