Engineered Tissues

This program supports the development of technologies to enable the in vivo and in vitro engineering of human tissue constructs for biomedical applications.


Emphasis is on the design and construction of tools for analyzing and controlling the function of engineered human tissues. Outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • real-time, non-invasive monitoring of tissue function and cell-environment interactions
  • control of spatiotemporal tissue growth through cell viability, guiding, differentiation, and migration
  • design, 3D printing, and assembly of human tissues for and biomedical applications
  • preservation of biological specimens, from protein solutions and cell suspensions to tissues and organs, for a variety of biomedical applications, including transplantation


The development of analytical tools and control systems for the interrogation, manipulation, and expansion of stem cells and other single cell populations is supported by the NIBIB Engineered Cells program.