Creating Biomedical Technologies to Improve Health


Tissue Engineering

This program supports enabling technologies and engineering approaches for developing tissue constructs (in vitro and in vivo), including:

  • Scaffolds that mimic extracellular matrix in composition and structure to support multiple cell types in defined spatial orientation
  • Biomaterials for scaffolds that guide cell growth, differentiation, and migration
  • Tools for manipulation and expansion of stem cells
  • Novel bioreactors and systems for cell and tissue production at appropriate scale (including scale-up and scale-out)
  • Real-time, non-invasive monitoring of function and cell-environment interactions
  • Predictive computational models and rational design of engineered 3D tissues
  • Preservation, sterilization, packaging, and transporting living tissue-products

Practically, the program is focused on the behavior of cells aggregating to form a tissue.  Efforts to understand the function(s) of an individual cell are not within the NIBIB’s mission space, and may be supported by NIGMS.