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Funded Projects

Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
1-DP2-EB028110-01 Novel nanoscale approaches to whole tissue reprogramming Daniel Gallego-Perez Ohio State University
1-DP2-EB030992-01 E-Organoids: Functional Brain Organoids Co-grafted with Transparent Microthreads Duygu Kuzum University of California, San Diego
5-K99-EB028838-02 Anti-biofilm laser-mediated photothermal ablation via complex noble metal nanostructures Maryam Hajfathalian University of Pennsylvania
1-R01-EB031936-01 Semi-synthetic, magneto-photonic circuit for non-invasive control of cellular function Ute Hochgeschwender Central Michigan University
1-R21-EB031306-01 Selectively Replicating Trojan Virus Vectors as Programmable CRISPR-Based Antiviral Therapies Michael Phelps Washington State University
1-R21-EB030769-01A1 Engineering Probiotics to Sense and Respond to the Intracellular Redox Imbalance towards Mitochondrial Dysfunction Jiahe Li Northeastern University
5-R01-EB027797-04 Tumor-Associated Antigen Delivery using Protein Nanoparticles for Combined Immunotherapy Szu-Wen Wang University of California-Irvine
5-R01-EB027793-04 ePACE: an automated system for high-throughput, closed-loop control of continuous molecular evolution to enable novel therapeutics Ahmad Khalil Boston University (Charles River Campus)
5-R01-EB031957-02 Programmable gene integration and cell engineering with CRISPR-directed integrases Omar Abudayyeh Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5-R00-EB028325-04 High-Precision Non-Contact Plasmon-Induced Intracellular Delivery Naihao Chiang University of Houston

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