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NIBIB Supplements to NCATS CTSA Programs to Support NIBIB Translational Research Scholars (Admin Supp Clinical Trial Optional)

This supplement is meant to facilitate a partnership between an NIBIB Translational Research Scholar, that is, a quantitative researcher with a background in engineering or the computational or physical sciences, and a clinician-scientist to conduct a translational science research project.  The project is expected to be jointly conceived and require significant contribution from both partners. The NIBIB Translational Research Scholar should have a demonstrated interest or history of conducting translational research and currently hold the position of tenure or research track assistant professor or a similar faculty position. The partnering clinician-scientist should hold a doctoral clinical professional degree e.g. MD, DDS, DVM, PharmD, or equivalent degree and should also have a demonstrated interest or history in conducting translational research.  The supplement will provide salary and research support to the NIBIB Translational Research Scholar who is expected to devote a minimum of 9 person-months (75% of full-time professional effort) to this project. The clinician-scientist is expected to be appointed to the parent KL2 at the time of application or have plans to be appointed to the program if the supplement is funded.

A new funding opportunity will be released in the near future.
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