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2017 BESIP Project

Molecular Pathogenesis and Biomarker Section Laboratory of Malaria Immunology and Vaccinology
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Patricia A. Gonzales Hurtado, Ph.D.
Michal Fried, Ph.D.
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Laboratory and Project Description

Development of analysis pipeline for identification of biomarkers in p.falciparum infected plasma
The Molecular Pathogenesis and Biomarkers Section applies functional genomics and molecular immunoparasitology tools to understand malaria pathogenesis in naturally exposed individuals. Our goal is to identify malaria disease biomarkers and candidate vaccine antigens that may be useful in developing new interventions. Currently, we utilize high-resolution mass spectrometry to provide a chemical fingerprint of thousands of metabolites and proteins in plasma samples. This high-resolution metabolomics and proteomics approach could help us understand disease. We aim to develop a pipeline to analyze metabolites in plasmodium falciparum infected plasma from naturally exposed children in Mali. And to continue building our proteomics pipeline.  This work will involve utilizing high-resolution mass spectrometry, developing and integrating available bioinformatics tools as well as analyzing samples in untargeted and targeted metabolomics experiments.