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BESIP Application Information

BESIP Eligibility 

Below are requirements for the Biomedical Engineering Summer Internship Program:
  • Applicant must have completed at least three years (6 semesters or 9 quarters) of undergraduate study in a biomedical engineering or bioengineering degree program by the start of the 2018 summer, i.e. be the equivalent of a rising senior.
  • Applicant must plan to be returning to undergraduate school for at least one term following the summer BESIP.
  • Applicant must be a United States citizen or permanent resident attending college in the U.S.
  • Because of housing arrangements, the structure of the program, the orientation procedures and the planned group activities, the student must be present on the Bethesda campus to participate in the entire ten-week program between June 4 and August 10, 2018.

How to Apply to BESIP

This is a photo of a student pipetting in a research lab

BESIP intern, Michelle Mellenthin, works to optimize fluorescence labeling reactions for microchip electrophoresis

BESIP uses the same application form as SIP. BESIP is a special Subprogram of SIP and it must be selected in Section 9 of the regular SIP application form. The BESIP selection and mentor matching process differs from SIP.

The on-line application form will require the following four items, which will be used in selecting the interns:

1. A resume, which should contain:

  • Addresses and phone numbers for both school and permanent residence
  • An e-mail address
  • A statement affirming the U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status of the applicant
  • Information about the student's education, recent work experience, activities and awards

2. An unofficial transcript or listing of courses and grades (copy and paste into the online application). NOTE: an official transcript may be requested of the selected interns before they start the internship program.

3. A written essay briefly discussing items such as:

  • Career goals
  • Technical and research interests
  • Reasons for applying for the BESIP 
  • Potential benefits that will come about as a result of the student's participation in BESIP

Information listed in item 3  constitutes the "Cover Letter" mentioned in Section 6 of the online application form. The Essay and the Cover Letter are one and the same. 

4. Two letters of recommendation: These letters should come from individuals who are familiar with the student's academic or work performance, such as faculty or supervisor, and who can comment on their suitability for this program. Requests for these letters of recommendation will be sent automatically from the online web application system via e-mail to the two recommenders listed in the application. The recommenders will be given instructions for submitting the letters of recommendation to the online system.

The intern selection process will be performed by a panel of NIH scientists using a scoring system based on the information submitted in the four items of the application.

BESIP Deadlines

The BESIP deadlines are different from the SIP program, which are stated on the SIP web. It is the applicants’ responsibility to be sure that all application materials, including letters of recommendation, are submitted on time for BESIP.

  • The deadline for submitting the online application is February 09, 2018.
  • The deadline for reference letters is February 14, 2018.
  • Notification of selected interns will be on or about February 26, 2018.
  • Intern must accept or decline by March 12, 2018.

Other NIH Summer Programs

Applicants who are not selected for the BESIP will automatically have their BESIP applications released for viewing by the general NIH staff so that the applicant may become eligibile for hiring into the regular summer internship program. Any inquiries about admission to SIP must be made to the Office of Education and Training, Dr. Yeown Cheon ( and not to BESIP.

Stipend and Benefits

BESIP has operated as a residential program. The interns have been housed as a group in pre-arranged condos in the Bethesda area. The BESIP summer stipend includes a base stipend of approximately $5270 for 10 weeks.   A stipend supplement may be available to cover a portion of the cost of living for those interns in the group arrangement in the Bethesda area. Housing costs are paid by the intern from their stipend.  For group housing, the 16 interns typically live in four two-bedroom, two-bath condominiums in the Bethesda area, with each condo having four interns. The apartments are close to NIH and convenient to public transportation. The intern must pay any travel expenses to and from NIH from the summer stipend. The stipend will be dispensed as a prorated amount at the end of the months of June, July and August for the ten-week duration of the program.