Creating Biomedical Technologies to Improve Health



Science Highlights • March 23, 2004
A miniature implantable pump may broaden the range of behaviors that scientist can study using brain imaging techniques. The pump infuses detectable tracer molecules into the bloodstream of laboratory rats engaged in specific behaviors. Activated brain regions are revealed by the distribution of tracer molecules during or just after a behavior.
Science Highlights • March 10, 2004
A tiny scale that is sensitive enough to weigh a single virus particle may become the basis for biodefense detection systems that can instantly recognize dangerous viruses.  Scientists recently fabricated a microscopic, silicon-based device that looks like a tiny diving board and vibrates naturally at a particular frequency. Researchers measure the frequency by bouncing laser light off the tip of the device, known as a cantilever.
Science Highlights • February 11, 2004
Nanometer-sized crystals called quantum dots that emit light at specific wavelengths when illuminated may one day assist doctors’ efforts to assess and treat cancer patients. The dots may help illuminate sentinel lymph nodes and eliminate the need for multiple biopsies in breast cancer patients.