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Academic Research Enhancement Award (Parent R15)

Academic Research Enhancement Awards (AREA) support biomedical research projects conducted by faculty in academic institutions that have not been major recipients of NIH research awards. These grants are intended to create a research opportunity for scientists and institutions otherwise unlikely to participate extensively in NIH programs to support the Nation’s biomedical research effort. It is anticipated that investigators supported under the AREA program will benefit from the opportunity to conduct independent research; that the grantee institution will benefit from a research environment strengthened through AREA grants; and that available students will benefit from exposure to and participation in research in the biomedical and behavioral sciences.

For projects proposing collaborations with non-AREA-eligible institutions, NIBIB expects that the majority of the direct costs will be directed to the applicant institution. Applcants are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Zeynep Erim before submitting their applications.

PA-16-200 • Released April 18, 2016