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The mission of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) is to transform through engineering the understanding of disease and its prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

November 30, 2023
A new wearable brain scanner is the first of its kind to accurately record magnetic fields generated by brain activity while people are in motion, a new research paper reports. This advance will enable researchers to learn more about brain development and neurological conditions that can affect movement, including autism, epilepsy, stroke, concussion, and Parkinson's disease. 
November 16, 2023

Within one year of launching its incubator hubs, the National Institutes of Health Blueprint MedTech program has issued nine awards in its first competition cycle. The MedTech program seeks to

November 13, 2023
Researchers at Stanford revealed a novel physical mechanism that breast cancer cells use to break out and become invasive. They found that, in addition to established chemical methods of degrading the basement membrane, cancer cells work as a group to physically deform and tear through the basement membrane barrier. Source: Stanford News
November 16, 2023 - November 16, 2023
The event will introduce the NIH Blueprint NeuroTech Program and its mission to a diverse group of government, academic, and community partners across the Washington-Baltimore area.
October 30, 2023 - October 30, 2023
One of three listening sessions about a potential NIH Common Fund research program to Complement Animal Research In Experimentation by catalyzing the development, standardization, validation, and use of New Approach Methodologies.
September 29, 2023 - September 29, 2023
The Workshop is for recipient of Alzheimer's-focused administrative supplements for NIH Grants that are not focused on Alzheimer's disease (AD.
November 28, 2023 - November 29, 2023
The conference will bring together researchers, technology developers, clinicians, and industry partners from all NIBIB Point of Care Technology Network (POCTRN) centers, regulatory administrators, non-government organization (NGO) leaders, and investors network to discuss complementary expertise and resources to accelerate point-of-care and home-based diagnostic technology innovation, validation, and commercialization. The showcase will feature projects that are technically de-risked and ready to advance through later stages of pre-commercialization. Innovators will be on hand for attendees to discuss potential partnership or investment opportunities.
August 14, 2023 - August 14, 2023
The third installment of the NIBIB National Technology Centers (NCBIB) Webinar Series showcases four centers specializing in optical imaging and spectroscopy methods and applications of Artificial Intelligence applications in biomedical research and clinical translation.