Strategic Plan



Today's Vision, Tomorrow's Health Care - NIBIB Strategic Plan 2012-2016

The Institute has developed goals and strategies, detailed in this strategic plan, that are designed to maximize impact on human health. This framework will guide NIBIB’s direction over the next 5 years and will help determine how the Institute allocates resources to support and enhance scientific research.

In implementing this strategic plan, NIBIB will seek continuous stakeholder input and respond as warranted. The Institute will further leverage its intellectual and financial resources through joint ventures with the private sector and with other Federal agencies.

This plan is not a static document, but a multiyear process that will be implemented over time, and it will be revisited periodically. Goals and strategies will continue to evolve through NIBIB’s iterative planning and evaluation process, conducted in conjunction with its Advisory Council and its stakeholders.

NIBIB Strategic Plan - PDF (4.1MB)