Center for Biomedical Engineering Technology Acceleration (BETA Center)

The NIBIB BETA Center is a NIH-wide resource that brings a focused engineering approach to accelerate the development, validation and dissemination of cutting-edge technologies to address urgent national and global health needs. The BETA Center is housed within NIBIB's intramural research program and will be comprised of researchers with specialized expertise in areas such as biomedical imaging, biosensing, engineered/synthetic biology, nano/biomaterials, artificial intelligence, modeling, computation, and informatics.


    In addition to accelerating the development, validation, and dissemination of high-impact biomedical technologies, the BETA Center will serve as a new NIH campus model for accelerating technology-driven interdisciplinary research and clinical translation. Central to NIH BETA’s mission will be employing evidence-driven approaches to expand diversity, equity, and inclusion within NIBIB’s Intramural Research Program and serving as a model for recruiting diverse biomedical engineering talent to NIH.

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    January 25, 2023
    Two scientists from underrepresented populations working in a lab
    NIBIB has established the Center for Biomedical Engineering Technology Acceleration—BETA Center, a new intramural research program to solve a range of medicine’s most pressing problems. The BETA Center will serve the wider NIH intramural research program as a biotechnology resource and catalyst for NIH research discoveries.