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Dr. Bruce Tromberg, Director.

National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering

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RADx Initiative: Bioengineering for COVID-19 at Unprecedented Speed and Scale

NIBIB Director Dr. Bruce Tromberg marks the two-year anniversary of RADx® Tech, and takes a brief look back at its formation, impact, and potential for future growth.

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Bridge2AI: Call to the bioengineering community

NIBIB is proud to be one of the co-sponsors of the exciting new NIH Common Fund initiative Bridge2AI which aims to dramatically advance widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for biomedical research. As the director of the engineering institute at NIH, I am pleased to say that our community plays a special role in this initiative.

RADx One Year Later – A Sea Change for Diagnostics

A quiet healthcare revolution is taking place, driven by an urgent national need and fueled by cutting-edge technologies. Diagnostics have changed, and more COVID-19 tests are now performed in point of care (POC) and home settings than in central labs. NIBIB is now looking forward with the goal of leveraging this unprecedented transformation.

When to Test website adds new features: Guidance for K-12 and businesses

An innovative online tool funded by NIBIB helps organizations choose a COVID-19 testing strategy that will work best for their specific needs.

Director's Corner Events and Appearances

Traveling a Bridge2AI in a Quest for High-Quality, FAIR Data Sets

NIBIB Director Bruce Tromberg, Ph.D. co-authored this blog post as a member of the Bridge to Artificial Intelligence (Bridge2AI) working group. Brdige2AI is supporting innovative data-generation projects nationwide to collect complex AI-ready data in four biomedical areas.

NIH ORWH posts Dr. Tromberg’s pearls of wisdom

ORWH’s Pearls of Wisdom videos feature women and men in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine providing advice to those in biomedical careers. Dr. Bruce Tromberg, Director of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), shares guidance on what qualities to look for in a mentor.

RADx initiaitive and COVID-19 Solutions - conversation with the Council on Strategic Risks

NIBIB Director Bruce Tromberg and colleagues from the RADx® Tech program participated in a conversation with the Council on Strategic Risks about the RADx initiative and COVID-19 solutions.