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When to Test website adds new features: Guidance for K-12 and businesses

An innovative online tool funded by NIBIB helps organizations choose a COVID-19 testing strategy that will work best for their specific needs.

Multiple Reflections: looking forward, looking back

2021 is finally here and most of us are thrilled to put last year  in the rear-view mirror. Although the rollercoaster month of January hasn’t been the smoothest of starts, there are many positive signs that a brighter future is just around the corner.

Robust engineering response powers rapid progress toward thwarting pandemic

Several months ago in this space I wrote that bioengineered technologies for COVID-19 testing must ultimately be deployed to help reduce the spread of the virus and return us safely to full function as a society. Since then, through a massive response by the bioengineering community in support of the RADx initiative, we have awarded contracts worth $ 513.1 million to 25 small and large biomedical diagnostic companies for scale-up and manufacturing.