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Game: Want to be a Bioengineer?

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Play the game, and learn how fingers can be regrown, paralyzed people can stand, and what an MRI image of your brain looks like.


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Surgery of the Future

Surgery of the Future is an interactive experience that highlights research technologies funded by NIBIB that improve surgical procedures.

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Medical Imaging App

Learn how medical scans work and what to expect during your next one.

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The Bionic Man

Visually explore some of the latest bioengineering creations from NIBIB-funded research. From prosthetics to artificial kidneys, these technologies are changing lives now and in the future.

Fun Facts

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In recognition of Engineers Week, February 17-23, explore scientific advances created by NIBIB-funded biomedical engineers. Feed your curiosity and think like an engineer.

Advice for Future Scientists

Get advice from our researchers on how to pursue a career in biomedical engineering

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