In Fiscal Year 2018, the NIBIB’s budget is $377.6 million. Over 80% percent of this will fund research and training at universities, hospitals, industries, and research institutions throughout the country. The NIBIB currently supports about 800 grants and the work of 5,000 researchers.

The NIBIB’s budget is based on the fiscal year appropriation provided by Congress and signed into law by the President. A key component of the annual budget process is the development of the President’s Budget, which is presented to Congress in the form of the Congressional Justification (CJ). Each Institute and Center at NIH prepares their section of the CJ, consistent with Administration and NIH guidance. The NIBIB's CJ provides the Senate and House Appropriations Committees with information about research activities that the NIBIB would anticipate funding at the President's Budget Request level. CJs for previous years are listed on this page. In some years, the Director of the NIBIB is asked to submit testimony for Congressional Appropriations hearings. These are also listed by year.

Contact: Jennifer Ward, Acting Budget Director 

Congressional Budget Justification