Chung-Man Moon

photo of Chung Man Moon
Postdoctoral Fellow

BG 13 RM 3W16 13 South Drive Bethesda MD 20892


Dr. Moon received his Ph.D. at the Chonnam National University (CNU), Gwangju, South Korea. In the department of radiology in CNU hospital, he has performed animal and clinical studies using 1H and hyperpolarized 13C MR spectroscopy, metabolic imaging, and functional MRI. Dr. Moon joined the Quantitative Medical Imaging Section, National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) in Sep 2018, and has been working in diffusion MRI. Dr. Moon’s research is aimed at understanding the effects of different post-processing pipelines and registration templates in the biological conclusions of multicenter clinical studies. He also plans to assess volumetric changes in schizophrenia using DTI-driven Tensor Based Morphometry (D-TBM).