Mohammad M. Ghassemi


Mohammad Ghessemi portrait
Data and Technology Advancement (DATA) National Service Scholar

Mohammad Ghassemi is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Michigan State University (MSU). His domains of expertise include augmented intelligence, natural language processing, recommendation systems, and health informatics. Before joining MSU, he was a director of data science at S&P Global. Mohammad has over a decade of experience working with industry as a technical and strategic consultant, where he has guided innovation strategy and built scalable data-driven technologies. He holds multiple U.S. patents and has published over 30 peer-reviewed papers in several highly respected scientific journals including: Nature Scientific Data, Science Translational Medicine, Proceedings of the IEEE, and the Proceedings of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence. His work has been featured by the BBC, NPR, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, among others.

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