Training & Research



We Support Biomedical Research Throughout the U.S. and Abroad

Most of our budget goes to scientists at universities, small businesses and other research institutions across the country. Through a competitive peer-review process, NIBIB awards research grants and contracts to find solutions to important health challenges, like using ultrasound to destroy tumors, building highly advanced devices and prosthetics for those with paralysis or other disabilities, and creating new biomaterials to restore or replace damaged tissues and organs. NIBIB-funds research that underpins advances in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of all organ systems; we enable development of innovative technologies that address a broad range of medical needs. 

We Conduct Research at Laboratories on the NIH Campus 

The laboratories at NIBIB conduct research using a combination of basic, translational, and clinical science. NIBIB scientists collaborate with Federal, academic and commercial researchers so the advanced technologies and tools they create can be easily and widely adopted. For example, NIBIB researchers have developed novel technologies for studying biological processes at the molecular level and at unprecedented speed, resolution, and clarity. Our researchers are also working to create nanomedicines that can simultaneously diagnose and treat diseases. Such approaches have the potential to revolutionize medicine. 

We Train Future Scientists 

We support the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers across the career continuum and with a focus on enhancing participation of underrepresented populations. From undergraduate through post-doctoral and junior investigators, NIBIB training programs support everything from short-courses to mentored research to supplements to promote diversity in the scientific workforce. NIBIB also supports DEBUT, a unique, team-based challenge program in which undergraduate bioengineering students design solutions to real-world health problems. 

We Inform the Public 

We use a variety of methods to inform our stakeholders about NIBIB’s science advances and research programs. Our website is the main source for information about research funding opportunities and examples of our broad research portfolio. Science topic fact sheets and news highlights explain how taxpayer dollars are used to support development of biomedical technology advances. Social media channels, mobile apps, and other educational tools help users understand the scientific innovations being developed by researchers and encourage students to learn about the fields of bioengineering and biomedical imaging.