RADx® MARS: Getting started: FHIR




FHIR Implementation Guide


This Implementation Guide is based on:

This guide points to already existing US Core Guidance and other guidance with respect to FHIR Parameters, FHIR operations, and RESTful and SMART on FHIR information.

This guide is a framework for future work. It contains “framework” profiles that contain constraints common to all At-Home In-Vitro Test Reporting use cases. These framework profiles can be further constrained to a particular use case such as the COVID-19 At-Home In-Vitro Test Reporting use case. The COVID-19 use case profiles have been created and included in this guide.

Note about App identifiers

In FHIR the application identifiers are not carried in the FHIR Resource itself but in the communication vehicle, such RESTful API. This is typically the ClientID and is typically a GUID.