Mobile Application Guidance



Mobile application reference workflow

A suggested mobile application workflow is shown below. App developers have flexibility to modify the flow as appropriate to ensure (1) transparency in how data will be managed, (2) user has control over his/her data, and (3) ease of use in taking the test and reporting results.

Mobile application guidance


Digital testing applications should attempt to collect the following information from the user. This information should then be encoded in the test result message and sent to the hub:

Field Data Entry Format User Requirement

(app requests all fields)
Age Numeric; Populate based on date of birth if available User entry required
Zip code Numeric User entry required
Date of test Date User entry required
Sex Female | Male | Other User entry optional
Race American Indian or Alaska Native | Asian | Black or African American | Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander | White | Other User entry optional
Ethnicity Hispanic or Latino | Not Hispanic or Latino User entry optional
Are you symptomatic? Yes | No | Unknown User entry optional
Date of symptom onset Date Required to ask if 'Are you symptomatic' is 'Yes'; User entry optional. 
First name* Text User entry optional
Middle name* Text User entry optional
Last name* Text User entry optional
Date of birth* Date User entry optional
Street address* Text User entry optional
City* Text User entry optional
State Populate based on zip code User entry optional
County Text; Select from list based on zip code User entry optional
Phone number* Numeric User entry optional
Email address* Text User entry optional

* The hub will remove these PII fields from the test result message before forwarding it to the federal health system HHS Protect.