RADx℠ Tech/ATP Dashboard

The Rapid Acceleration of Diagnsotics (RADxSM) Tech and Advanced Technology Platforms (ATP) programs have seen strong interest from throughout the country and internationally. Information on this page provides a summary of proposals submitted, the stage of development, the type of testing samples proposed, and the types of organizations responding to these two programs that are part of the NIH RADx initiative. Data below is updated weekly and additional data will be added as it becomes available.

Data Updated: 04/09/2021.

RADx Program Tests / Day Produced


Description: Number of tests produced per day are items that were manufactured and includes lab-based technologies, point of care and home tests, and lab products. Descriptions of these technologies are on the RADx Tech/ATP Phase 2 awards page

Number of Proposals by Phase


Description: Summary chart depicts the total number of completed proposals submitted to the RADxSM Tech Program and the number that have advanced to the next phase of development.

Number of Proposals by Organization Type


Description: Small business – less than 50 employees; Start-up company – in business for less than one year; Mid-size business – 50 to 250 employees; Large business – more than 250 employees; Non-profit lab/CRO – clinical research organizations; and Other – may include individual researchers without affiliation or organizations not included in the other categories.

Number of Proposals Submitted by Sample Type


Description: Submitted proposals indicate the type of sample to be used for testing for the SARS-CoV-2 virus: blood, sputum, nasal swab, oral swab, fecal, saliva, or other. Multiple means that more than one of the above sample types were proposed.


The maps below depict the state/country of completed proposal submissions and number of proposals that reach subsequent phases of development. Phases are: In process, completed proposal is undergoing initial review; Deep dive, applicants work with team of experts to identify risks and milestones; Phase 1, proposal selected for de-risking and validation; Phase 2, proposal selected for further development, manufacturing and distribution support. Proposals submitted to RADx ATP may go directly to Phase 2 after initial review and deep dive.

RADxSM Tech Program in the United States


RADxSM Tech Program Internationally


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