Entrepreneurial Finance Video Series



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The series of videos below can help you navigate the process and elements of a financial plan.

Module 1: Introduction to Financial Planning

In Module 1, you will be introduced to the concept of milestone-driven financial planning. Understanding your primary constraints, namely time and money, you will be presented with practical examples and rules for developing plans to achieve your milestones.

Module 2: Assumptions and Personal Needs

In Module 2, the value of assumptions in formulating your plan will be addressed, along with the importance of incorporating your personal needs into your financial plan. Your personal objectives for pursuiing a start-up venture should also be assessed in realtion to the financial objectives of your small business.

Module 3: Building the Financial Plan

In Module 3, you will be presented with a rigorous, detailed approach for formulating your financial plan. Considering your multiple business processes, you will learn to incorporate milestones, along with assumptions and constraints, to accurately calculate burn rates.  Validating your financial plan through various data sources will be covered, establishing an iterative methodology for financial planning.

Module 4: Sources of Capital

In Module 4, the various sources of financing for your small business will be described and compared. Having developed your financial plan, you will need to map the appropriate sources of funding to your milestones. This module will help you understand the requirements of each funding source within the context of your financial plan.

Module 5: Exploring Comparables

In Module 5, you will gain an understanding of the concept and value of comparables. A thorough method for evaluating comparable companies will be presented as an opportunity to learn from others' successes and failures, helping you create a more robust financial plan.