Science Highlights · February 8, 2019
expansion microscopy brain
Researchers are making amazing progress in developing new imaging approaches that provide us with jaw-dropping views of a wide range of biological systems, including the incredibly complex neural networks within the mammalian brain. 
Science Highlights · February 1, 2019
glucose thumb
NIH-funded research replaces needles with lasers in new blood glucose monitoring system.
Science Highlights · January 17, 2019
vagus nerve
Nanogenerator’s electrical pulses provide beneficial outcomes with no side effects – rat study.
Science Highlights · January 14, 2019
painful knee
NIBIB-funded researchers have developed a 3D-printed scaffold coated in aggrecan, a native cartilage component, to improve the regeneration of cartilage tissue in joints.
Science Highlights · December 14, 2018
Wearable ultrasound patch penetrates the skin to measure blood pressure
NIBIB-funded researchers are literally breaking barriers using ultrasound waves emitted from a flexible patch to accurately measure central blood pressure and help detect cardiovascular problems earlier.
Science Highlights · December 7, 2018
patient and technician at mammography machine
NIBIB-funded researchers have created a novel, low-cost biosensor to detect HER-2, a breast cancer biomarker in the blood, allowing for a far less invasive diagnostic test than the current practice, a needle biopsy.
Science Highlights · December 6, 2018
PET image of rabbits brain
Tuberculosis meningitis causes life-threatening inflammation of the membranes in the brain and spinal cord.
Science Highlights · November 30, 2018
A team of NIH-funded researchers at the University of Arkansas have demonstrated the novel use of multiphoton microscopy to monitor wound healing in live animals.
Science Highlights · November 28, 2018
New chlamydia test delivers results in about 30 minutes
NIBIB-funded researchers recently validated a rapid STD test that delivered accurate results in about 30 minutes for chlamydia, allowing patients to receive treatment immediately, thereby stemming the further spread of disease.

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