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Science Highlights · July 13, 2021
graphic of nanofiber with anti-inflammatory sidechains
Nanofiber-based treatments stimulate the body to mount its own biological attack on immune disorders.
Science Highlights · June 22, 2021
dashboard for design of modular cellular functions
A change of instructions in a computer program directs the computer to execute a different command. Similarly, synthetic biologists are learning the rules for how to direct the activities of human cells.
Science Highlights · June 16, 2021
Microscope image of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on a black background
This study investigates how the nucleocapsid protein, or N protein, of the SARS-CoV-2 virus packages the viral genome.
Science Highlights · June 1, 2021
outer mitochondrial membrane of a cell
A team of NIH microscopists and computer scientists used a type of artificial intelligence called a neural network to obtain clearer pictures of cells at work even with extremely low, cell-friendly light levels.
Science Highlights · May 25, 2021
Bubbles on a dark background
NIBIB-funded researchers are investigating long-lasting, customizable nanobubbles for ultrasound contrast agents.
Science Highlights · May 4, 2021
3D printed model of human hand
The new technique is capable of printing the models 10-50 times faster than the industry standard—in minutes instead of hours— a major step in the quest to create 3D-printed replacement organs.
Science Highlights · April 29, 2021
word cloud
One-year into implementation of the NIH RADx initiative, the IEEE Open Journal of Engineering in Medicine and Biology has dedicated a specialissue to exploring the innovative structure and operation of the RADx Tech program.
Science Highlights · April 26, 2021
Muscle cells stained with fluorescent molecules
The technique used in this preclinical study could aid tissue regeneration following severe accidents, surgical resections, or progressive muscle loss due to age or genetic disease.
Science Highlights · April 23, 2021
gloved hand placing cartridge into blue instrument
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) today announced three new contracts and one new award to an existing contract for scale-up and manufacturing of novel COVID-19 testing technologies.