Grantee News · August 22, 2019
Researchers demonstrate critical improvements to functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS)-based optical imaging in the brain.
NIBIB in the News · August 22, 2019
When sparks fly to innovate new technologies for imaging life at the microscopic scale, often diverse researchers are nudging each other with a kind of collegial one-upmanship.
Grantee News · August 19, 2019

Researchers have taken a key step forward in developing a new, possibly safer contrast agent for use in MRI exams. Read more from Mass General News.

Press Releases · August 19, 2019
brain cell section showing green astrocytes
Using a mouse model of stuttering, scientists report that a loss of cells called astrocytes in the brain is associated with stuttering.
Science Highlights · August 16, 2019
microneedle patch collects fluid from skin for diagnostic testing
Painless skin patch collects fluid to monitor biomarkers to speed up and simplify routine diagnostic testing. 
Science Highlights · August 13, 2019
difference in stiffness after stimulus
Brain function can be tracked in real-time using a new MRI method that has the potential to shed light on altered neuronal activity in brain diseases.
Grantee News · August 2, 2019
Scientists have developed a new way to track neural activity. The technique can target specific brain cells and relies on dyes that are brighter and more stable than those currently used.
Science Highlights · August 1, 2019
Selective binding of tagged nanoparticle to macrophages in tumors
Macrophages are white blood cells that accumulate in tumors, where they aid cancer progression. Now scientists have identified a surface protein found only on the macrophages residing in tumors, exposing a target for precise tumor treatments.
Grantee News · July 31, 2019
Researchers have developed a gel that can be injected into the tissue lining the colon, forming a 'cushion' that makes it easier to remove precancerous polyps during a colonoscopy.

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