Grantee News

Grantee News · September 17, 2020
Researchers have created a new PET imaging agent that detects signs of inflammation. Such a tracer could aid diagnosis and study of diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to cancer to COVID-19.
Grantee News · August 31, 2020
Researchers have developed a groundbreaking process for multi-material 3D printing of lifelike models of the heart's aortic valve and the surrounding structures that mimic the exact look and feel of a real patient.
Grantee News · August 26, 2020
A new article looks at the use of virtual imaging trials in effective assessment and optimization of CT and radiography acquisitions and analysis tools to help manage the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.
Grantee News · August 18, 2020
NIBIB-funded researchers at NYU Langone Health worked with Facebook AI researchers to develop a method to speed up MRI scans.
Grantee News · August 18, 2020
NIBIB-funded researchers have developed a way to use artificial intelligence to speed up MRI imaging without sacrificing quality.
Grantee News · August 14, 2020
A team has developed a class of light-switchable, highly adaptable molecular tools with new capabilities to control cellular activities. The antibody-like proteins, called OptoBinders, have potential applications including protein purification, the improved production of biofuels, and new types of targeted cancer therapies.
Grantee News · August 13, 2020
Researchers demonstrated how a deep learning framework they call 'Brain-NET' can accurately predict a person's level of expertise in terms of their surgical motor skills, based solely on neuroimaging data.
Grantee News · August 3, 2020
Researchers have reported a new form of electronics known as 'drawn-on-skin electronics,' allowing multifunctional sensors and circuits to be drawn on the skin with an ink pen.
Grantee News · August 1, 2020
Building on early-stage funding by NIBIB to develop an implantable artificial kidney, researchers at the University of California San Francisco were selected for a substantial prize in the HHS KidneyX Challenge.
Grantee News · July 27, 2020
UCF Researchers were awarded a prize in the HHS KidneyX Challenge for development of an implantable artificial kidney device that allows patients to perform dialysis at home. The project previously received support from NIBIB.