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NIBIB in the News · August 13, 2020
NIH announced that AI technology is underway to aid physicians across the United States in the global war against COVID-19. These efforts are taking place with the Medical Imaging and Data Resource Center, which is comprised of research from physicists, physicians, radiologists, and scientists across the country. Read more at The Burgundy Zine.
NIBIB in the News · August 7, 2020
The NIH’s Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative seeks to speed up the development of tests. In April, Congress allocated $1.5 billion towards the program; last week, RADx announced the seven tests that passed the preliminary round of vetting and will now be produced en masse. Read more at Quartz .
NIBIB in the News · August 6, 2020
Leading radiology associations are collaborating on a large, open-source COVID-19 database with images to help doctors better understand the disease. Read more at HealthImaging .
NIBIB in the News · August 6, 2020
The National Institutes of Health is turning to artificial intelligence and imaging scans to not only help detect cases of COVID-19 earlier, but to potentially personalize treatments for the spreading disease. Read more at Fierce Biotech.
NIBIB in the News · August 6, 2020
The National Institutes of Health yesterday announced the Medical Imaging and Data Resource Center, a public-private initiative that will create medical imaging tools to detect and personalize therapies for COVID-19 patients. Read more at AHA.
NIBIB in the News · August 5, 2020
Scientists at the NIH are pioneering better Covid-19 diagnostic methods using artificial intelligence and stacks of digital lung and heart images through a new project the agency announced Wednesday. Read more at Bloomberg Law.
NIBIB in the News · August 3, 2020
After scrutinizing several dozen submissions to its national, “Shark Tank”-esque pitch competition for new COVID-19 diagnostics technologies, the National Institutes of Health has selected its first seven projects that will move on to a new phase of manufacturing and scale-up—and has unlocked nearly a quarter of a billion dollars for the effort. Read more at Fierce Biotech .
NIBIB in the News · July 31, 2020
The National Institutes of Health awarded $248.7 million to seven companies to accelerate the development of new coronavirus diagnostic technologies as the country grapples with rising case numbers and testing shortages. The federal research agency expects some of the companies to potentially be able to perform hundreds of thousands of tests come September. Read more at Forbes.
NIBIB in the News · July 31, 2020
On Friday, the NIH announced the first seven winners of a competition to produce next-generation coronavirus tests to help battle the spread of COVID-19. Together, they will receive $248.7 million to further develop their tests and hopefully make them available by the fall. Read more at NPR.
NIBIB in the News · July 31, 2020
he National Institutes of Health selected Ginkgo Bioworks, Mammoth Biosciences, Quidel, and four other companies to receive nearly $250 million to develop new Covid-19 diagnostic tests through its Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics program, the agency announced Friday. Read more at STAT.