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Biomedical Informatics

This program supports the development of structures and algorithms to improve the collection, annotation, aggregation, anonymization, classification, retrieval, integration, analysis, and dissemination of quantitative and qualitative biomedical data.

The emphasis is on using biomedical information to achieve better health outcomes and smarter health care. Examples of technical development areas in this program include but are not limited to informatics tools and resources such as: databases, standards for enhanced interoperability, collaborative analysis environments, data modeling and representation, and techniques for the integration of heterogeneous data, rational data-driven design of experiments, visualization of data, and digital representation of rich qualitative data. This program is intended to support NIBIB’s other program areas in biomedical imaging and bioengineering research.

Program priorities and areas of interest:

  • Biostatistics methods for bioinformatics
  • Meta databases and integrative services
  • Digital biomarkers
  • Information-driven computer-aided diagnosis, and decision support system
  • Digital atlases
  • Data mining
  • Large scale biomedical image/information databases
  • Data fusion
  • Hyperspectral data analysis and -omics

Additional support

This program also supports:

  • Early-stage validation of tools for biomedical informatics
  • Image-based search
  • RIS/PACS system
  • Health outcome-based assessments
Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
5-R25-EB023929-03 Summer School: Big Data and Statistics for Bench Scientists Olga Vitek Northeastern University
5-R25-EB022367-03 Establishing a Network of Skilled BD2K Practitioners: The Summer Workshop on Population-Scale Genomic Studies of Environmental Stress Joseph Shaw Mount Desert Island Biological Lab
5-R21-EB024366-02 Feasibility of challenge-free QSM based quantitative mapping of cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen Yi Wang Weill Medical Coll of Cornell Univ
7-R03-EB024705-02 Computational methodologies for safety assessment of MRI in patients with deep brain stimulation implants Laleh Golestani Rad Northwestern University at Chicago
5-R03-EB024870-02 Pilot and feasibility study of a mobile health tool to measure respiratory distress in infants Amelie Von Saint Andre-Von Arnim Seattle Children'S Hospital
1-R25-EB025787-01 Fellow and Resident Radiation Oncology iNtensive Training in Imaging and Informatics to Empower Research Careers (FRONTI2ER) Clifton Fuller University of Tx Md Anderson Can Ctr
5-R25-EB023930-03 Curriculum in Biomedical Big Data: Skill Development and Hands-On Training Matthew Samore University of Utah
5-U54-EB020406-05 Big Data for Discovery Science Arthur Toga University of Southern California
1-U54-EB022002-01 The Los Angeles PRISMS Center: The Biomedical REAl-Time Health Evaluation (BREATHE) Platform Alex Bui University of California Los Angeles
1-U54-EB021973-01 Prisms Informatics Platform - Federated Integration Architecture Katherine Sward University of Utah