Funded Projects for Biomedical Informatics


Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
1-R03-EB035333-01 A novel tool to quantify hypoxia burden from clinical sleep studies Anna Grosberg University of California-Irvine
5-R01-EB033403-02 A Rational Engineering Design Approach to Minimizing the Off-Target Effects of Baroreceptor Activation Therapy Kip Ludwig University of Wisconsin-Madison
1-R01-EB034720-01 An integrative Bayesian approach for linking brain to behavioral phenotype R Constable Yale University
5-R01-EB027119-04 Bayesian methods for cortical surface neuroimaging data Amanda Mejia Trustees of Indiana University
5-R01-EB026439-05 BCI2000+: A Software Platform for Adaptive Neurotechnologies Peter Brunner Washington University
5-R01-EB029751-04 Biomedical Informatics Tools for Applied Perioperative Physiology Maxime Cannesson University of California Los Angeles
5-R01-EB028248-04 Brain AnalyzIR: A software platform for improving scientific rigor in functional NIRS statistical analysis Theodore Huppert University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh
5-R01-EB026299-06 BrainStorm: Highly Extensible Software for Advanced Electrophysiology and MEG/EEG Imaging Richard Leahy University of Southern California
1-R21-EB031332-01 Classifying malignant pulmonary nodules using biophysics-enhanced artificial intelligence Hadi Tavakoli Nia Boston University (Charles River Campus)
5-R01-EB024536-06 Cloud MR: an Open-Source Software Framework to Democratize MRI Training and Research Riccardo Lattanzi New York University School of Medicine