Funded Projects for Biomolecular Technologies


Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
5-R01-EB031935-04 A high-performance and versatile technology for precision microbiome engineering Harris Wang Columbia University Health Sciences
5-R21-EB033595-02 A Molecular Grammar for Guide RNAs (gRNAs) with Engineered Secondary Structures Eric Josephs University of North Carolina Greensboro
1-DP2-EB035891-01 A Novel Class of Synthetic Receptors to Empower the Age of mRNA Therapies Xiaojing Gao Stanford University
1-R21-EB033459-01A1 A Novel Vector Platform to Actualize T Cell Modification In Vivo David Curiel Washington University
5-R01-EB027895-05 Accelerating phage evolution and tools via synthetic biology and machine learning Sam Nugen Cornell University
5-R21-EB032491-03 An Engineered CRISPR System for Boosting Tumor Immunogenicity. Weixin Tang University of Chicago
5-R01-EB030015-04 Cell targeting with synthetic sense-and-respond protease circuits Michael Elowitz California Institute of Technology
1-R21-EB035208-01A1 Computationally designed, small molecule-responsive cell receptors for treating solid tumors Anum Glasgow Columbia University Health Sciences
1-R21-EB036298-01 Development of potent and safe CRISPR tools for in vivo gene editing using directed evolution Shannon Miller Scripps Research Institute, The
5-R01-EB031124-04 Directed evolution of a sequence-specific targeting technology for therapeutic gene delivery to the human genome. Jesse Owens University of Hawaii at Manoa