Funded Projects for Cellular and Multicellular Technologies


Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
5-R01-EB032272-03 A synthetic signaling pathway engineering platform for creating precision cell-based sense-and-response devices Caleb Bashor Rice University
5-R01-EB030134-03 Design and characterization of bacterial population dynamics in solid tumor models Jeff Hasty University of California, San Diego
5-R21-EB030036-03 Development of a "Cell Splicing" Technology Platform Joshua Doloff Johns Hopkins University
5-R21-EB033892-02 Engineered Probiotics for Closed-Loop Control of Disease-Associated Gut Metabolites in Gut-On-Chip Models Benjamin Woolston Northeastern University
1-R21-EB034970-01 Engineering a human neuroimmune specific viral vector from Zika virus Benjamin Bartelle Arizona State University-Tempe Campus
5-R01-EB030030-03 Engineering mammalian gene activity sensor-actuator devices Laura Segatori Rice University
7-R21-EB030769-02 Engineering Probiotics to Sense and Respond to the Intracellular Redox Imbalances towards Mitochondrial Dysfunction Jiahe Li University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
5-R01-EB029750-04 Engineering S. typhimurium for metastatic colorectal cancer Tal Danino Columbia Univ New York Morningside
5-R01-EB030340-04 Model-guided design of next-generation bacterial therapeutics to treat cardiovascular disease Ophelia Venturelli University of Wisconsin-Madison
5-R01-EB030352-04 Probiotic guided CAR-T therapy (ProCARs) for breast cancer Tal Danino Columbia Univ New York Morningside