Funded Projects for Digital Health - Mobile Health and Telehealth


Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
5-U24-EB028990-04 Accelerating collaborative, cumulative, and open intervention science with an e-intervention authoring platform Steven Ondersma Michigan State University
5-R21-EB032229-02 CASI-Plus: A mHealth Tool for Client Engagement to Improve Ukraine's Assisted Partner Services (APS) Program Workflow and HIV Testing Outcomes Nancy Puttkammer University of Washington
5-P41-EB028242-04 mHealth Center for Discovery, Optimization, and Translation of Temporally-Precise Interventions (mDOT) Santosh Kumar University of Memphis
1-R01-EB035188-01 mHealth Technologies for Assessing Blood Perfusion in Chronic Wounds Wenyao Xu State University of New York at Buffalo
1-R21-EB034562-01 Non-invasive measurements of central blood pressures by RF sensors Edwin Kan Cornell University
1-R01-EB035403-01 SCH: Artificial Intelligence enabled multi-modal sensor platform for at-home health monitoring of patients Arindam Sanyal Arizona State University-Tempe Campus
5-R01-EB032382-03 Smart-phone-integrated, non-invasive, depth-resolved optical spectroscopy for the detection of neonatal jaundice Audrey Bowden Vanderbilt University
5-R01-EB031910-03 Smartphone-based wound infection screener and care recommender by combining thermal images and photographs using deep learning methods Emmanuel Agu Worcester Polytechnic Institute
1-R21-EB034879-01A1 Towards Physical-Interface Pressure Monitoring Outside the Laboratory with Lower-Limb Electronic Clothing and Robust Optimization Edgar Bolívar-Nieto University of Notre Dame