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Image-Guided Interventions

This program supports research on the use of novel image-directed technologies for guidance, navigation, tissue differentiation, and disease identification for reaching specified targets during therapeutic procedures, which may range along the continuum from non-invasive to minimally invasive to open surgical interventions. These technologies may range from molecular to macroscopic scale levels.

Overall emphasis is on the engineering of novel image-guided interventions to improve outcomes of interventional procedures. In addition, emphasis includes technologies that expand needed procedural access for individuals otherwise excluded by disease characteristics, co-morbidities, and other parameters.

Additional Emphasis
Image-guided interventions may use supporting technologies relevant to other NIBIB-supported program areas, including but not limited to:

Note that image-guided interventions may support operator-directed, non-robotic procedures as well as robotic procedures.

Areas of priority include development of real-time or near real-time novel image-guided technologies, with robust procedural direction or a robust receiver operating characteristic curve. In addition, cost-efficient technologies, appropriate for low resource settings, and/ or applicable to multiple types of interventions are strongly encouraged.

Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
5-R01-EB017742-04 Tissue biopsying with wireless microgrippers within gastrointestinal tract Florin Selaru Johns Hopkins University
5-R01-EB025747-02 Image based registration and intraoperative updating for guiding spine surgery Keith Paulsen Dartmouth College
5-R01-EB024864-02 Bronchoscopic Steerable Needles for Transparenchymal Access to Lung Nodules Ron Alterovitz Univ of North Carolina Chapel Hill
5-R01-EB020601-03 A multimodal imaging system and targeted nanoprobes for image-guided treatment of breast cancer Huabei Jiang University of South Florida
1-R03-EB026819-01 Augmented reality visualization for intraoperative guidance based on fluorescence lifetime Laura Marcu University of California at Davis
5-R21-EB021513-02 Ultrasound-Guided Delivery System for Accurate Positioning/Repositioning of Transcatheter Aortic Valves Arash Kheradvar University of California-Irvine
5-R21-EB024707-02 Development and Pre-Clinical Evaluation of a Robotic System for Supervised Autonomous Tumor Surgery Axel Krieger Univ of Maryland, College Park
1-R41-EB026402-01A1 Insightful Surgical Vision Technology (ISVision) for intelligent real-time display of anatomic, physiologic, and pathologic information in surgery Peter Kim Activ Surgical, Inc
1-R56-EB025910-01 Development of Human-Selective Nerve Illumination Peptide for Surgery Quyen Nguyen University of California, San Diego
5-R01-EB019460-04 EasyVis: laparoscopic surgical visualization through an untethered, panoramic, three-dimensional imaging system Hongrui Jiang University of Wisconsin-Madison