Funded Projects for Image-Guided Interventions


Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
5-R01-EB031101-04 3D Multi-Functional Catheter-Based Imaging of Coronary Lesion Composition, Structure, and Hemodynamics in Intermediate Stenoses Brooks Lindsey Georgia Institute of Technology
1-R01-EB036341-01 A Multi-robot System for Semi-automated Image-guided Vertebral Augmentation Mathias Unberath Johns Hopkins University
5-R01-EB031007-03 Advanced C-arm imaging platform for histotripsy treatment of liver tumors Paul Laeseke University of Wisconsin-Madison
5-R01-EB030547-04 Deformable motion compensation for 3D image-guided interventional radiology Alejandro Sisniega Crespo Johns Hopkins University
5-R01-EB027498-04 Deformation Corrected Image Guided Laparoscopic Liver Surgery Michael Miga Vanderbilt University
5-R01-EB019460-08 EasyVis: Flexible, immersive three-dimensional laparoscopic surgical visualization through multi-camera arrays Hongrui Jiang University of Wisconsin-Madison
1-R01-EB036365-01 Image-Guided Surgical Robotic System for Femur Fracture Reduction Mohammad Abedin Nasab Rowan University
5-R01-EB034359-02 Improved arrhythmia ablation via MR-guided robotic catheterization and multimodal clinician feedback Yue Chen Georgia Institute of Technology
5-R01-EB030511-04 Improved Surgical Navigation Using Video-CT Registration Gregory Hager Johns Hopkins University
1-R15-EB034519-01A1 Improving Image-Guided Surgery Precision and Reliability with Real-time Modification Tracking in Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgery Yangming Lee Rochester Institute of Technology