Magnetic Resonance Imaging

This program supports the technological development of in vivo MR imaging and MR spectroscopy, for both animal and human research and potential clinical applications.


The emphasis is on the development of MRI hardware and methodologies, including image acquisition and reconstruction techniques, that would improve the speed, spatial resolution, information content, efficiency, robustness, quality, patient experience, and safety. The emphasis should be on technological development rather than detailed applications to specific diseases or organs.

The program covers the development of new MRI techniques, methods and tools broadly, which include but are not limited to:

  • fast MRI
  • high and ultra-high field MRI
  • pulse sequence and image reconstruction
  • MRI of new contrast mechanisms
  • design and implementation of novel magnets, gradients, radio-frequency coils, and other apparatus for in-scanner applications
  • combination of MRI with other modalities with an emphasis on MRI hardware development
  • in vivo MR Spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging
  • MRI of tissue properties, structure, metabolism, function and physiology
Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
1-R15-EB026224-01 High-Speed Spin Testing of Reinforced 2212 Coils for High-Field NMR Magnets John Voccio Wentworth Institute of Technology, Inc.
5-R21-EB023413-02 Rapid High-Resolution 1H-MRSI for Metabolic Imaging of the Brain Zhi-Pei Liang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
5-R01-EB020613-04 Rapid MRI acquisition for pediatric low-grade gliomas Kawin Setsompop Massachusetts General Hospital
5-R01-EB019934-05 Development and Translation of D-glucose as a Diagnostic Agent for MRI of Cancer Peter Van Zijl Hugo W. Moser Res Inst Kennedy Krieger
5-R21-EB026238-02 Adding MRE to DTI for free Dieter Klatt University of Illinois at Chicago
5-R00-EB019482-05 Neuroimaging of deep brain stimulation patients using safe MRI excitations Bastien Guerin Massachusetts General Hospital
5-R01-EB015032-08 Novel approaches for CEST labeling, detection, quantification and translation Peter Van Zijl Hugo W. Moser Res Inst Kennedy Krieger
5-R01-EB021277-04 Next-Generation RF Coils with High-Permittivity Material for Improved Performance in MRI Christopher Collins New York University School of Medicine
5-R01-EB025131-02 Accessing the Neuronal Scale: Designing the Next Generation of Compact Ultra High Field MRI Technology for Order-of-Magnitude Sensitivity Increase in Non-Invasive Human Brain Mapping Brian Rutt Stanford University
5-R01-EB003324-17 Neurovascular Mechanisms of Layer-specific fMRI Mitsuhiro Fukuda University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh