Funded Projects for Manufacturing and Biomanufacturing Tools


Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
5-R21-EB032535-02 3D Bioprinting of Strong Living Scaffolds Yonghui Ding Northwestern University
1-R56-EB034702-01 Cryobioprinting for Shelf-Ready Tissue Fabrication and Storage Yu Zhang Brigham And Women'S Hospital
1-R01-EB034573-01A1 Engineering the biology of AAV secretion and production Aravind Asokan Duke University
1-R15-EB027391-01 Generation of islet organoids in oxygenated scaffolds Sha Jin State University of Ny,Binghamton
5-R21-EB033051-02 Hatching Organoids for Continuous Tissue Production Pipelines Mark Skylar-Scott Stanford University
1-R01-EB033851-01A1 Synthetic circuits for therapeutic platelet production and immunomodulation Tara Deans University of Utah
5-P41-EB027062-05 Tissue Engineering Resource Center Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic Columbia University Health Sciences