Funded Projects for Molecular Probes and Imaging Agents


Grant Number Project Title Principal Investigator Institution
1-R01-EB033918-01 A New Multimodal Molecular Imaging Approach to Guide Intra-Operative Tumor Resection and Post-Operative Treatment Planning Cristina Zavaleta University of Southern California
5-R21-EB031367-02 A novel design platform for diaCEST agents Zoltan Kovacs Ut Southwestern Medical Center
5-R01-EB031008-04 Artificial Intelligence Boosted Evolution and Detection of Genetically Encoded Reporters for In Vivo Imaging Christian Farrar Massachusetts General Hospital
1-R01-EB031799-01A1 B7-H3 Targeted Ultrasound Molecular Imaging System for Early Breast Cancer and Metastatic Detection Jeremy Dahl Stanford University
5-R01-EB028916-04 Background-free molecular imaging using modulated photoacoustics and targeted contrast agent Robert Dickson Georgia Institute of Technology
2-R01-EB027172-05A1 Biocompatible fluorophores for shortwave infrared imaging Ellen Sletten University of California Los Angeles
1-R15-EB031528-01 Biocompatible Graphene Quantum Dots for Noninvasive Near-infrared Bioimaging Anton Naumov Texas Christian University
5-R00-EB023990-05 Biocompatible Magnetic Resonance Probes for in vivo Concurrent Profiling Benoit Driesschaert West Virginia University
5-R01-EB032321-02 Biocompatible triarylmethyl radical-based dendrimers as nonmetallic contrast agents for MRI Benoit Driesschaert West Virginia University
5-T32-EB027629-04 Caltech/UCLA Individualized Theranostic Engineering to Advance Metabolic System (iTEAM) Tzung Hsiai University of California Los Angeles